Jewelry Tips – How To Choose The Most Suitable Handmade Jewelry

More people are moving away from traditional commercialized jewelry to handmade jewelry. There are many reasons for that. One of the main reasons is that handmade jewelry is usually of a higher quality than commercially produced jewelry. The artisans take their time to ensure that they produce good quality jewelry pieces and get to more details and the quantities are most of the time limited and one of a kind.

When you purchase handmade jewelry you are purchasing a piece of art that comes directly from the artist’s hands. The artists have poured a part of themselves into the jewelry. This is something to be treasured and has value beyond money.

Although fashion handcrafted jewelry is unique and attractive, it is still important to take your time and select a piece that suits your needs. The following tips will help you in making a selection.

Handmade jewelry is the perfect gift for a loved one. It shows that you took your time to find a unique gift and didn’t just go to the department store and pick out a gift. The gifts are also high quality. The type of handmade jewelry you select will mainly depend on whether you are buying it for yourself or for someone else. This is the best place to start.

What is your or your loved one’s style? Do you or your loved one lean to the eclectic look or prefer a more classical look? You need to consider taste and preference here. Classic pieces are simple and may include a simple chain for a necklace with a single stone or earrings with a solid colors and simple design. Those who like the eclectic look will appreciate more daring and larger jewelry pieces. Go for the jewelry piece that works for you/her.

You also need to consider the body structure of the person going to wear the pieces. Not everyone is able to pull off a given look. Petite women look better with small delicate pieces that don’t make them look like they are overpowered by their jewelry. Tall and larger women can pull off looks with just about any jewelry size.

You should try to match the fashion handcrafter jewelry to your skin tone. Consider your hair color and choose colors that will bring out your best features.

One of the benefits of choosing Z.V.U Artisan Jewelry is that you can get artisan handmade jewelry customized that works for you, suit you betterand that are unique to your needs and special to you.

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Different Types Of Jewelry Findings

In completing just about any jewelry craft project, you will need to join together the components of your creation to form the completed piece. In the making of a necklace for example, the two ends need to come together somehow, otherwise you do not have a necklace. Jewelry findings are those parts that bring together a completed piece of jewelry. If you plan on getting heavily involved in jewelry making, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a lot of wholesale jewelry findings on hand.

Clasps Clasps are used to connect the two ends of a necklace or a bracelet. There are several different kinds of clasps with the lobster clasp being the most common. This type of clasp resemble the claw of a lobster for which it is named. It is easy to operate as it can be opened and closed holding a small lever. Other types of clasps include the toggle, magnetic clasps, and the spring ring. Spring ring clasps are common on necklaces and bracelets as well. If you have a bunch of wholesale jewelry findings on hand, make sure you have got some different types of clasps for your array of projects.

Earwires If you make a lot of jewelry, you probably make earrings. There are a variety of earrings that you can attempt, but most will require the use of an earwire. The earwire is a big giant loop of wire that attaches to an earring and then can be put into a pierced ear. There are a few different types of earwire including French loops, Omega clips, and kidney wires. The kidney wire passes through the earlobe and hooks onto itself to close the loop. It’s a little different than the French loop which passes through the earlobe and does not fasten at all. Omega clips do fasten and resemble the Greek letter, hence the name.

Bails Included in your wholesale jewelry findings should be some jewelry bails. A bail is commonly used to attach a pendant to a necklace. If you are making a beaded necklace, you would go ahead and complete it first. Once it is done, you then attach a bail to the center of the necklace and then hang the pendant or stone from the bail. This type of finding is easy to use and if you happen to be making several copies of the same design, you can complete all of the necklaces first and then attach the bails. It’s the same process that many jewelry companies utilize.

Jump Rings Jump rings are used quite a bit in the jewelry making business. Among your wholesale jewelry findings, there ought to be a nice supply of these since these are an integral part of so many different projects. Jump rings are normally made of metal and come in a variety of sizes. The rings are used in bracelet making, for example, to attach beads or dangles. The rings can be opened using pliers and then closed again when finished. When making earrings, jump rings can be used to attach the earring to its earwire.

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Silver Jewelry, Austin, An Alternative To Gold

Gold is known as the most sought after metal after diamond. This is especially true for women who love to adorn themselves in gold jewelry. However, there is more cost to it than one can imagine. For a place like Austin, gold is preferred over any other metal amongst women. However, how to cut cost, looking at the rising rates of gold? Well, as someone had rightly pointed out, when there is a will, there is a way. Silver, for that matter can be considered as an alternative. Although the look of it is not similar to gold yet when silver jewelry is gold plated, one can hardly spot difference.

Silver jewelry, Austin is therefore considered an ideal option for a most women, especially in these days of economic instability.
One can spot gold plated silver jewelry in all shapes and sizes all over Austin. From bracelets, necklaces, earrings to finger rings, one can get gold plated silver jewelry in every part of Austin. Silver being a far less expensive metal than gold, gold plated jewelry can help the fashion conscious women save on money without compromising on the glamour quotient. The low cost of silver jewelry, Austin makes it the most advantageous jewelry to invest in for women.

It is good news for women across the world. During the present times where economy is rolling in uncertainty, it is no doubt a far wise gold itself. So it”s time to make some smart investments and make those eyes go green with envy. Wear the sterling gold plated silver jewelry and makes those around you guess the worth of it.

Women no longer need to feel sorry about not being able to afford pure gold jewelry to adorn in social gatherings. So what, if gold is beyond one”s reach? Silver is not. If silver can perform the same task as that of gold, then why not do it. After all, women want to look beautiful and startling in the eyes of the beholder.

So the wise man was right when he phrased out the will and way philosophy. So it”s time to celebrate and look as stunning as before is gold plated jewelry items. The economy can take its own time to recover. Who wait for it? Women, for the time being, can continue to enjoy and look glamorous in evening parties, kitty parties or even a small birthday celebrations in silver jewelry, Austin.

Discover The Next Chapter in Luxury Jewelry With MARLI

A New Brand for the Modern Fine Jewelry Enthusiast

New York, NY, August 22, 2014 – MARLI, a luxury brand for today’s confident, cosmopolitan women, has just launched its first collection for the Fall 2014 season. Offering designs that are simple but significant, MARLI combines the best of modern luxury, style and craftsmanship with innovative techniques; resulting in pieces that are chic and inventive with just the right edge.

MARLI was created to fill a void in the fine jewelry market. Designing fashion forward quality pieces, MARLI’s goal is to encourage women to create personalized, high fashion looks that compliment their lifestyle and personality. Whether she is sipping champagne at brunch in SoHo, hosting a gala event in Midtown, or enjoying a weekend beach romance in the Hamptons, MARLI jewels were designed to become a glittering staple in everyday life.

-Our designs are simple and significant – they are conversation starters, empowering women who write their own life stories,- Maral Artinian, Co-Founder & Brand Curator, Marli

MARLI’s debut collection features nineteen capsules boasting a remarkable array of styles inspired by the shapes, colors, sounds and reflections of its beloved city. Angular chain links embedded with diamonds, brilliant gold woven into architecturally patterned pieces and geometric stones set in sparkly rose, are just a few of the design elements implemented through out the collection. Intricate ear cuffs, delicate hand-pieces enveloped in diamonds and onyx, multi-finger rings and bold chokers add unexpected glamour to the collection. Not only does pristine design play an important roll in the creation of MARLI’s unique pieces, but comfort and ease are imperative as well. Using a flex technique, rare in most fine jewelry designs, MARLI is able to create pieces that fit comfortably and are wearable throughout the day.

MARLI jewelry is designed in Soho, New York and manufactured in Thailand, a perfect combination of modern luxury and artisan craftsmanship. The collection retails from $950 – $8,000 with select special items reaching $50,000, and can purchased at Fragments, NYC.

Contact: Monserrat Fernandez Cameo Public Relations 10 W. 33rd St. Suite 1118 New York, NY 10001 646-360-3488

The Best And Famous Jewelry Houses

As we know, that there are many beautiful ranges of ornaments, available in the market but when we talk about, the particular and luxurious brands then the first name, that comes to our mind is the house of Harlow 1960. This brand of jewelry is very much famous, among the people and Nicole Richie and Mouawad are the beneficiary creators of this, jewelry brand. If you are thinking of buying the best jewelry for you, for getting the best designs, then you can find a wide range of variety in jewelry sets, available at this store. The old fashioned designs are again, becoming popular among the people and you can also, get the custom made jewelry designs, from here. There are many people, who prefer the light weight designs of jewelry and you would be quite amazed by the quality of work, done by this jewelry house. Many famous celebrities also, buy ornaments, from this outlet and this is the very reason as why the house of Harlow 1960 has become very much popular, among the people? One of the main reasons, why people come and shop at this outlet is that this is owned by famous Nicole Richie and people of the United States are a big fan of this artist. Because of her love, they go for shopping, for different kinds of jewelry, from this magnificent outlet. The house of Harlow 1960 is known, all over the country because it has such a jewelry collection house that is out of this world.They jewelry that you have bought, from here will be quite versatile and you will see that it will go with, all kinds of dresses. Whether, it is vintage jewelry or modern jewelry, you can get to find everything, from here. Diamonds, stones, gems, pearls and all sorts of other stones are found being embedded on the jewelry collections, here.

Kim Kardashian and Pascal Mouawad launched a jewelry house named Belle Noel, in January 2011. Designer jewelry worn by the celebrities is mostly, found at this jewelry house. All the jewelry that you will buy will be easily wearable and it will go, with all sorts of dresses, easily. No matter, what outfit you buy, the Belle Noel jewelry will go as the best-one, with all. The jewelry that is worn at the night time and day time differs, a lot. Belle Noel can provide you, all the required jewelry items that you need. It has got a great variety, in casual and formal jewelry. The jewelry designed by professional and famous designers is found, here that will reflects, the modern trends. Bold and luxurious creation of art with gold, diamond, platinum, ruby, pearl and other ornaments is found on the jewelry available, here. No matters, what age you have? You can get all jewelry items, from this, jewelry house. Mens jewelry is also, available, along with womens jewelry. If you need celeb jewelry, then, all you need to do is to visit this jewelry house and get all, what you want.

Common Types Of Earrings Jewelry For Men

The use of earrings jewelry for fashion can be traced back to the early 19th century where carved images of men wearing earrings jewelry, mostly of Persian descent, are displayed on palace walls. Even in the different parts of the world, such as Egypt and India, pharaohs and religious leaders were seen sporting earrings jewelry already.

Wearing earrings jewelry was originally thought to be of the female domain as to add to the glamour of the female physique. The popularity of earrings jewelry for female use started in Western Europe in the 1920s. It was only in the middle of the twentieth century that ear piercing became popular in the male world. Before, the method of ear piercing consisted of using a safety pin to create holes in the ear but now, this has evolved to a better practice of using ear guns to embed the earrings jewelry into ones ear. Earrings jewelry for men were popularized in the 1980s when famous musicians, athletes and show performers flaunted earrings jewelry during the gigs and games. Nowadays, you can see many men sporting earrings jewelry to complete their look. There are two common types of earrings jewelry that can be seen in mens ears, these are stud earrings jewelry and hoop earrings jewelry.

Stud earrings jewelry are largely popular to music performers at present. The main characteristic of stud earrings jewelry is that it seems to be pasted on the ear with no connection visible from the front. This works as the stud is constructed on one end of a post, which is what penetrates straight through the ear. A more classy type of stud earrings jewelry is the ones that feature a diamond as its stud. This type of stud earrings jewelry is very popular among the community since diamond stud earrings jewelry can be worn with casual or formal attires.

Choosing from the most common types of stud earrings jewelry is highly dependent on ones preference. If you are thinking of buying one for yourself, then keep in mind the occasion where you will be sporting the earring. You have to be able to tell if that particular earring will match what you are going to wear. It is also very important to be honest with yourself as to deciding if you will look hot or silly with that particular earring. Significantly, you must choose an earring that you really like and must be ready to flaunt it.

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Retro Fashion Jewelry 40s,50s, 60s, 70s, 80s Jewelry

Fashion trends seem to have a way of repeating themselves every few years, so it’s no surprise that retro fashion jewelry is making a comeback this season. 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s inspired designs and colors are reminiscent of times past. Let’s take look at what each era is bringing to the table today:

40s fashion jewelry: Plastic beads, whimsical designs and florals were all popular jewelry choices back then, and we’re seeing a lot of them today in the form of broaches, oversized bangles and giant cuffs.

50s fashion jewelry: Victorian designs, bows, Lucite and art deco dominated the scene back then. Today, we see Carrie Bradshaw wearing a dainty bow necklace (Search for necklaces) in Sex and the City. We also notice Lucite bracelets (Search for bracelets) as a fashionable favorite.

60s fashion jewelry: Modern styles of black and white, ethnic pieces, hippie jewelry, giant pendants and multi-strand necklaces were all the rage. Today, these jewelry looks continue to rock the catwalk and have inspired the likes of beaded necklaces, leather bracelets and rhinestone butterflies, to name a few.

70s fashion jewelry: Enamel, flowers, modern shapes and a little bit of edge gave this generation a new twist on old bejeweled favorites. Now retro inspired watches, funky rings and over the top earrings give ode to this free flowing decade and its cool designs.

80s fashion Jewelry: Chains, punk rock style and neon colors defined the jewelry trends of this era. Presently, movie stars such as Madonna and Rhianna are taking a blast from the past and sporting piles of gold and silver chained necklaces to give their look some edge. And shockingly yellow acrylic necklaces are at the top of the “must have” list for this spring.

It’s a good rule of thumb to hang onto whatever costume jewelry you own, as the fashion trends will surely repeat themselves again.

Bridal Jewelry at Wholesale to Wear Again And Again

Every bride wishes that her bridal jewelry makes a massive impact and complement her wedding gown. There are some brides who think that the bridal jewelry is just worn for the wedding day. Once the wedding is over, the jewelry goes back to the jewelry box and it is never worn again. This is not the right way to treat your jewelry now is it?

A bride sure spends a lot of time on choosing the bridal jewelry. Moreover when you spend so much money on it too then it should be worn again and again. Whenever you will wear your precious set of jewelry, it will remind you of the special day which you and your husband had always longed for. The cake of the wedding gets eaten and we all forget it. The flowers you hold eventually die. You preserve your wedding dress to pass it to your little girl on her special day. Jewelry is something that’s going to be yours.

It is better to choose such a set of necklace and earnings that you can wear on other occasions too. Don’t make the jewelry too much lush and heavy that you yourself would not like to wear it elsewhere. Bridal jewelry can be found in just about any style and design. You can even get a custom made set of jewelry developed according to the design of your dress. Pearls have always been the ideal bridal jewelry. You might also have the choice of gold, silver or platinum but pearls have their own class and the best thing is that they are timeless.

Not many brides are interested in adding color in the earnings, necklace and bracelets. They think bridal jewelry should only be silver. Well, if you want to make the jewelry useable then colorize it according to your dress. This will not be a bad idea after all.

There are such females out there too who cannot spend much money on their bridal jewelry. After all it is the wish of every bride to wear the best jewels with her perfect dress. Do you know that you can find bridal jewelry wholesale too? You can find a large variety from wholesale jewelry sellers too. They will definitely be affordable for all those brides who do not have a big budget to spend on jewelry. You can find a nice pair of earrings and necklace with your dress at an affordable rate easily now.

Definitions Of Jewelry Closures For Necklaces, Bracelets And Earrings

The following are the definitions of the different types of closures that are used to fasten your necklace, bracelets and earrings together:

BOX RING – A circular clap called a Bolt Ring is used to fasten necklaces or bracelet chains.
BOX CLASP – A box like hollow housing with a groove into which a tongue clicks into place to securely shut the clasp is called a Box Clasp.
BUTTERFLIES – A component used in earrings called the Butterflies attaches the earring to the ear by being slid down the post of the earring that pierces the ear.
CARIBINER – A clasping system similar to the bold ring called Caribiner is used for fastening chains.
FOLDOVER CLASP – A clasp where the hinged part opens, passes through a ring and snaps shut holding the ring securely in place is called Foldover Clasp.
FRENCH BACK – An earring system for non-pierced ears is called French Back whereby the earring is attached to the earlobe by means of tightening a screw.
JUMP RING – A Jump Ring is an round or oval ring of metal wire used at the end of a chain to which a clasp or securing system is attached.
LOBSTER CLAW CLASP – A jewelry fastening or clasp called Lobster Claw Clasp is shaped like a lobster claw. It has a spring-loaded arm to keep the clasp securely closed are used in necklaces and bracelets.
OMEGA BACK – A hinged fastening clasp called Omega Back closely resembles the Greek letter, Omega. Used to secure earring posts to the ear.
POST – A pin-like component of an earring called a Post passes through the pierced earlobe. A post is held in place by a fastening system behind the lobe, such as the “Butterfly” clasp.
SAFETY CATCH – A secondary fastening used for securing jewelry is called a Safety Catch. Usually seen as a hinged loop that snap closes one side of a clasp to another. Guarantees the safety of the jewelry should the main fastening break.
SCREW BACK – A Screw Back is a highly secure earring fastening system whereby a nut screws onto a threaded earring post.
SNAP BAR CLOSURE – A hinged, straight bar that lifts up and down to secure or release earrings is call Snap Bar Closure.
TOGGLE CLASP – A Toggle Clasp consist of a ring at one end of a bracelet or necklace and a short bar on the other end. The bar passes through the ring to sit across it, securely fastening the two ends together.

Sanchi Gems The Most Reliable Wholesale Silver Jewelry Supplier From India

Manufacturing wholesale silver jewelry is our forte. We manufacture and export Sterling silver 92.5 and genuine gemstone studded jewelry from Jaipur. Sanchi Gems has forever been committed on delivering a quality range of wholesale silver jewellery.
Wholesale Silver Jewelry has always been a precious ever since it was discovered; long ago before it was written down in history. And the popularity of the Wholesale Silver Jewelry has been growing steadily, as sterling silver jewelry has a strange ability to adapt to any piece of clothing; and is always suitable for all occasions.
Our aim is to provide our customers with a quick and efficient service and most of all provide superb quality pieces and excellent designs at a great price. We have been producing Gemstones Silver Jewelry in Jaipur since Long and our commitment to our craftsmanship continues with each quality product we manufacture. Each time you visit our site you will find different pieces to choose from, as we frequently add new designs to our range, enabling you to offer your regular customers something fresh. Our styles appeal to a wide range of tastes and are constantly changing and evolving.
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With our buyers combing the markets for new styles and latest trends, along with our factories manufacturing classic quality styles, our collection of wholesale silver jewelry offers Sterling Silver Bracelets, Sterling Silver Chains, Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Pendants, Sterling Silver Charms, Sterling CZ Silver Rings, Silver Coral Jewelry & much more at everyday low prices.
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